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Bring a Sharing Your Faith Story evangelization workshop to your Catholic organization

Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence. (I Peter 3:15-16)

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My workshops and speeches empower you to evangelize with your witness.



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Meet Nancy

Convert, speaker, journalist and author with a passion for evangelization.

The kind of personal sharing we learn to give through Sharing Your Faith Story brings hope to others that can’t seem to let go of things concerning their past. It will draw them to want to experience a life filled with trust in the Lord in small and big areas of their lives.
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Lisa M. Hendey
CatholicMom.com, author of The Grace of Yes
I’ve known Nancy Ward for many years as a great interviewer for various Catholic and secular media outlets. She is now branching out into something closer to her heart. I support her and pray God’s choicest blessings on her as she answers this call. All things are possible with God!
John Michael Talbot
John Michael Talbot
Founder, The Brothers and Sisters of Charity
As a convert … I’ve learned that EVERYONE has a conversion story, and it’s good to have thought about it before you’re asked to give the details of it. Nancy’s put together a great tool, especially if you find this an uncomfortable topic or aren’t sure how you might come off to other people.
Sarah Reinhard
Sarah Reinhard
Blogger, podcaster, author of Word by Word
By telling her own story and teaching others how to tell theirs, Nancy Ward takes you step by step in learning how to be an effective evangelist by talking about what you know best, your own story! None of us can sit by idly any longer. The world is hungry to hear stories of faith. The world is hungry to hear your story!
Dave Palmer, Executive Director of KATH 910 AM Guadalupe Radio Network-North Texas
Dave Palmer
KATH Radio, author of St. Thomas Aquinas for Everyone

St. Philip’s: The Gift of Conversion

Nancy’s presentation was well thought out and appealing to our women’s church group. She was able to elicit an interesting conversion story from one of our members.— Jeannette Sliter, Women’s Guild Program Chair, St. Philip the Apostle Church, Dallas, Texas


How many of you are converts?

How many of you are cradle Catholics?

Who has experienced a renewal of their faith?

With these questions, I opened my presentation to the Women’s Guild of St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas. The women were gracious and became intent listeners due to the noisy refrigeration unit nearby. With no microphone, I almost shouted my talk, which claimed their attentiveness.

A shaky music stand had to do because no podium was available. In the middle of my presentation, the music stand began to collapse. I held onto it like a long Popsicle stick so my iPad with my notes wouldn’t go flying! The Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angel did double duty that evening.     

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