is my main blog, created in 2013. Our full name is “Joy Alive in our hearts” with this theme:

Nancy Ward writes from Texas on the joy of conversion, Catholicism and Christian community.

Here are the stats for 2016

With 227 articles posted on in 2016, we averaged more than four posts per week.

Eleven guest bloggers on

Many of our readers contributed their stories to in 2016. Fr. Bob Hilz faithfully provided his inspirational homilies for us each weekend. Margaret Rose Realy contributed her 6-part Lenten series with excerpts from Cultivating God’s Garden through Lent. Other guest authors included:

  • Anon – The Will of God
  • Connie Beckman – What’s this I hear?
  • Darlene Bogle – Paraphrase of Romans 12 for writers
  • John Cook – Christmas in Germany, 1944
  • Minnie Louise Hawkins – God Knows
  • Paul Mora – Little Acts of Mercy
  • Kathy Walshe – Jesus at the Post Office
  • Charlotte Ward – Lazarus and Confession
  • Pat Gohn – Among Women podcast features Sharing Your Faith Story

Ten Joy Stories of conversion and renewal

Another ten blogs featured Joy Stories, conversion and renewal stories that encouraged many of our readers.

  • Bill Alexander – Saved by Don Quixote
  • Tima Borges – Church Teaching Changed Our Lives
  • Neal Combs – God Bless the Unbroken Road
  • Michael Fraley – A stable, consistent God for all time
  • Allison Gingras – My Grace Trifecta
  • Cyndi Lucky – My Restless Heart
  • Lisa Nicholas – Embracing the Cross
  • Diane Roe – Amazing Grace
  • Ann Marie Walshe – Living Encounters
  • Nancy Ward – What is your Galilee Moment

Nine book reviews

In 2016 we presented nine book reviews or interviews with authors:

  • Cultivating God’s Garden – Interview with Margaret Rose Realy 2/10
  • Find a Real Friend in Jesus: Ten Amazingly Easy Steps – Interview with Gary Zimak
  • Intimate Graces: how practicing the works of mercy brings out the best in marriage. – Teresa Tomeo and Dominick Pastore
  • Learning to Love with the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir by Jean Heimann’s
  • Radiant Dawn; 5-minute prayers around the Advent Wreath – Lisa Hendey
  • St Thomas Aquinas for Everyone: 30 Quick and Fun Lessons, Activities and Outdoor Adventures Based on the Summa Theologica by David Palmer
  • The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: a book of daily reflections by Lisa Hendey, Sarah Reinhard and a team of authors, including my four devotions.
  • The Healing Power of a Fathers Blessing by Linda Schubert
  • True Radiance: Finding Grace in the Second Half of Life by Lisa Mladinich

46 Joy Alive posts on other sites

Many reviews were part of the 46 Joy Alive posts that appeared in other publications

In total, together we averaged more than four posts per week, totally 227 in 2016. These went out to a total of more than 5,000 people in our family, including Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, Google+ followers and Facebook friends of Nancy Ward and Nancy HC Ward, author,

The Joy Alive Network

share your story word abstract - isolated text in vintage letterpress wood celebrates the Joy of the Lord alive in our hearts, experienced in unexpected and astounding ways.  It’s the touchstone we need for inspiration, encouragement and motivation.

The JoyAlive blog developed from my desire to share my struggles and victories in a more personal way than my other writing projects. I want to use my talents, training and insights to share the joy alive in my heart. I have seen the results in others and deeply experienced in my life the joy of the Lord in stunning and delightful revelations. The joy alive in my heart prompts me to share it, sing about it, write about and converse about it with everyone.

As a Catholic writer, website editor, blogger and now author and speaker, I am hosting the site to create the Joy Alive Network among readers.

Together we create this spiritual support network by sharing our stories of discovering, nurturing, and experiencing the miraculous ways the Lord reveals his presence in our lives.  As Joy arises from the depths of our hearts, doesn’t it always surprise us with grace, enlivening us when we need it the most?  As we expand our capacity for joy together, we discover amazing ways to live in the Joy of the Lord and give away his Joy.

Here’s the twist: as we share our stories of discovering, nurturing and experiencing the miraculous ways the Lord reveals his presence in our lives we create a network of spiritual support and inspiration. The synergism of the Joy Alive Network increases our capacity for Joy. So the Joy Alive Network lives and grows through the comments, guest blogs and personal stories shared on JoyAlive.

In support of all our readers who need inspiration, hope and wisdom, I invite you to join this new venture with me. Send your stories of how God’s supernatural gift of Joy steals into your life and changes everything.  These can be a 300- to 1000-word description of an incident when you know you experienced a miracle or supernatural insight into God’s unique ways of penetrating your marriage, motherhood, homeschooling, relationships or anything pertinent to your Catholic identity.  Share these amazing moments on the Joy Alive Network. Conversion and renewal stories have a prominent tab, Joy Stories, where you will find more than thirty fascinating stories.

Together through the Joy Alive Network we can discover and nurture that awe-inspiring Joy arising from deep within our hearts. It will overflow into our lives, our friendships, our families and our relationship with God.  As we share our stories, we share the joy of our hearts with one another. We will learn more about each other, more about our true selves and more about how much the Lord loves us.

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