St. Philip’s: The Gift of Conversion

Nancy's presentation was well thought out and appealing to our women's church group. She was able to elicit an interesting conversion story from one of our members.-- Jeannette Sliter, Women's Guild Program Chair, St. Philip the Apostle Church, Dallas, Texas   How many of you are converts? How many of you are cradle Catholics? Who has experienced a renewal of their faith? With these questions, I opened my presentation to the Women’s Guild of St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas. The women were gracious and became intent listeners due to the noisy refrigeration unit nearby. With no microphone, I almost shouted my talk, which claimed their attentiveness. A shaky music stand had to do because no podium was available. In the middle of my presentation, the music stand began to collapse. I held onto it like a long Popsicle stick so my iPad with my notes wouldn’t go flying! The Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angel did double duty that evening.     

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New Presentation! Five Ways Mary Helps Us Share Our Faith Story

The Virgin Mary was not a part of my first commitment-to-God moment when I was 15. Nor did she influence my conversion to Catholicism as a young mother. A dozen years passed until, when family relationships deteriorated, my Catholic faith needed renewal. God called me to a deeper relationship with him in Christian community. Mary helped me learn to share that pivotal experience in my life and also my earlier God-moments when I knew God but didn’t know her. My new presentation, “Five Ways Mary Helps Us Share Our Faith Story,” debuted on February 9, 2017, at the Women’s Bible Study and Faith Sharing. As a convert, I still find it a little strange to hear myself speaking about Mary -- but I must!

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